One, a woman and former madame of the 2nd floor bordello lives in room 6. Paranormal experts tell us that she lost someone and she’s perfectly content here until she finds them. We call room 6 our “magic room”. Orbs of light and sounds are reported regularly. Male guests in that room often feel their hair touched gently along the neck. We’ve asked the madame to leave, to rest, but here she stays. Many visitors report a chill and a “tension” in the room like you’d find near high voltage electrical lines.
Our 2nd ghost, Bob, lives in the basement of East Troy House. He distilled liquor down there for over 40 years during and after the prohibition. The liquor was moved from the basement to the alley behind the building and then all over to the customers willing to buy it. We don’t see him distilling anymore, but we sometimes wish he would!

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First Hand Experiences of Our Guests at Ivan's on the Square & East Troy House

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Above Ivan’s on the Square dining room…

"I had just started working here and was upstairs organizing. I stopped to look at the view from the front windows. I swear I heard footsteps walking from the front window to the back window. Right thru the middle of the room. One right after another like boots walking."

In the basement of Ivan’s on the Square…

"I was alone in the building one morning. I heard about 6 or 7 footsteps shuffling along the other side of the room. About 10 seconds after the footstep sounds stopped I heard a box crash down onto one of the shelves from the direction the footsteps were headed. It sounded like someone picked up a box a few inches from the shelf then dropped it. I went back upstairs fast!"


Above East Troy House…

"I had not been living here long when one afternoon I was coming out of my door and I looked to the stairway leading up to the 3rd floor. I could not see a full body, but coming down the stairs out of the shadows I saw what appeared to be the bottom half of an old time long dress….like satin, with ruffles along the bottom. I also remember seeing old time shoes with buttons up the side. She came down the last few steps and then was gone."


Above East Troy House…

"One time I was on my to the bathroom and I saw a guy in the corner by room 6. He was just standing there. He had on a long black coat. And he was wearing a top hat. Just standing there. I looked back, but he was not there."


During a ghost tour above East Troy House…

"There were bunch of us in room 6 and just as the tour guide said 'The ghost in this room is said to touch the necks of the men that visit…' I immediately felt the hair on the back of my neck get flicked, as if by a finger. Then the guy next to me flinched and touched the back of his neck! Weird!"