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Kitchen Hours

Monday- Closed




Friday: 11am-9pm

Saturday: 11am-9pm

Sunday: 11am- 4:30pm

East Troy House is open Tuesday-Sunday

Kitchen Hours

A bit about our ghost history….

Once, the former Madame of the 2nd floor bordello, lived in room 6 above East Troy House. East Troy was a main stop between Milwaukee and all points south, so she was never short of business in the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

   Paranormal experts tell us that she lost someone dear to her and she is content to abide in her room 6 until that someone returns.

Orbs of light and sounds of movement, skirts rustling & thumps, can be heard regularly. Males guests (this author being among them) in the room often feel a finger trace up the back of their neck,gently touching their hair.

   We've asked the Madame to leave, to rest, but she insists on staying. Many visitors tell us that they feel very cold spots and "a tension" in the room, as if near high voltage electrical lines. We've had reports of her being seem standing, looking out over the town square from her room 6 windows....the northernmost windows above East Troy House.

    Another of our several resident ghosts is Bob. Bob resides in the basement of East Troy House. He distilled liquor there for over 40 years during and after prohibition. He moved his product secretly to the back alley, and from there to all over.  Ladies visiting the basement tell us that when passing the room Bob used, they feel a strong looming presence, very strong, and it makes them walk quite a bit faster to try and outpace the spine-chilling feeling giving them goose bumps. 

   Bob doesn't distill anymore...but sometimes wish he would come back and create a house liquor for us!